This alarm gate with a store tag up to a distance of 2.50 meters and with an AM label up to a distance of 1.50 meters between the antennas covers well and is a reputable American brand in the world, and It is used in hypermarkets, etc.

AM store gates are generally less noisy than RF store gates and can be installed at greater distances from each other, but in terms of price, the gate itself and its accessories are more expensive. For this reason, mainly for cosmetic stores that have small items and products and it is not possible to use the RF label on this product, the AM label is used, because the size of the AM label is smaller than the RF and can be used in small goods.

This model of alarm gate is one of the strongest types of anti-theft gates of AM store in the market and is mostly used in cosmetics stores as well as clothing stores with wide entrances. AM gates are usually offered in the form of wide antennas, but this The store gates are almost the same width as the RF gates and are made of compressed plastic (ABS) and have a luxurious and elegant appearance in stores while being extremely efficient.

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